Roadmap V1.0



Q1 2023

start community

Smart Contracts and Auditing

White paper released

Building Token Economics

Analyze/Create Roadmap

Q2 2023

                            • Pre-sale and launch

CoinGecko/ Coinmarketcap listing

 3,000+ holders

Q3 2023

Accoin Alpha test release

CMC and the community carry out large-scale airdrop activities

 Complete the NFT smart contract

 Apply for ELF NFT Mystery Box

 Propose the concept of free to play, easy to earn

30,000+ holders

 Token Price $0.01

Q4 2023

Accoin platform officially released

 The first game launched on the Accoin platform

 ELF NFT decentralized exchange

 Optimize the liquidity mining strategy smart contract with the goal of higher yield

 Support cross-chain NFT through Accoin bridge

 60,000+ holders

Token Price $0.1

Q1 2024

 Cross-chain liquidity mining

 Listed on mainstream exchanges

 Accoin community governance platform

 The second game on the Accoin platform

100,000+ holders 

 Token Price $1​.00

Q2 2024

Update whitepaper V2.0

Update Roadmap V2.0